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Building Trust and Establishing Brand Authenticity with Social Influencer Marketing  

Influencer marketing was once all the rage with brands looking to appear relevant to their younger digital audiences while capitalising on the latest marketing trend. Ten years on and no longer the latest marketing gimmick, how can brands better use influencer marketing to build digital advocacy and drive towards its intended purpose of establishing word-of-mouth marketing with authority to the everyday consumer or citizen? 

 Assembling the Right Brand Advocates that Align with Your Cause and Drive Impact 

Join us in this 2-day seminar to acquire the latest know-hows on how to design an influencer marketing strategy that engages in a sustainable way. Get in touch with the latest trends set to define influencer marketing in 2021 as brands seek to build trust and authority in a sea of content in the B2C and B2B landscape. Learn how to select the most appropriate influencer for your brand and campaign purpose. Examine how to establish long-term collaborative relationships from first in-class practitioners in the field. Uncover strategies for a crisis management plan to deal with recent cancel culture attitudes in light of an influencer fallout.

Attend a Fully Immersive 2-Day Virtual Seminar Experience   


    v-icon-01 v-icon-02 v-icon-03 v-icon-05
     Hear LIVE presentation on leading case studies and common challenges  Connect via chat and video call  with like-minded Professionals  Engage in LIVE Q&A and chats during sessions with speakers and peers  Gain access to full event materials


    Programme Highlights

    Influencer Marketing Strategies 

    Craft an influencer marketing strategy that engages audience in the new norm  

    Identifying The Right Influencer for your Brand
    Value-add your social campaigns on different platforms with useful tips and frameworks 

    Best Practices for Influencer-Brand Partnerships
    Create collaborative experiential partnerships for meaningful and quality engagement   

    Dos and Don’ts of Engaging Influencers
    Avoid pitfalls and build long-term relationships with influencers that enhance your brand 

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain insights on the latest developments in influencer marketing and digital advocacy 
  • Step-up your influencer marketing game with the latest tools and know-how from around APAC 
  • Maximise engagement by identifying the right types of influencers and the platforms they are on  
  • Gather insights on selecting authentic and relevant advocates that share the same brand values 
  • Garner upper management endorsement on the use of influencers for your brand 
  • Leverage influencer word-of-mouth to instill trust and forge meaningful connections in the community  
  • Create win-win collaborations with influencers beyond commercial considerations 
  • Establish a crisis management strategy in light of “cancel culture” and influencer fallout  
  • Get acquainted with the B2B influencer marketing landscape with case study examples 
  • Develop a know-how on creating sustainable engagement with B2B influencers 


Mimrah Mahmood

Senior Director/ Partner


Vanessa Yeo Barger

Vice President of Brand

Love Bonito

Joe Escobedo


Esco Media

Fauzi Aziz

Marketing Lead,

The Smart Local

Joy Wang

Director (Consumer Growth and Digital)


Hillary Tam

Head of Marketing


May Phyu Sin

Influencer Marketing Lead,

Totally Awesome

Who Should Attend

Mid to Senior level Marketing, Corporate Communications, Branding, Media Relations, Public Relations, Social Media 



  • 22 – 23 July 2021 (Friday), 9am – 1pm GMT +8 

  • Day 1: 22 July 2021 (Thursday)

    8.45 Log-In Time
  • 9.00 Chairperson’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session 
  • 9.30 Latest Trends 

    Influencer Marketing Landscape for 2021 and Beyond

    Uncover the latest trends and insights driving digital advocacy in the B2C and B2B sectors in APAC
    Presentation: 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A   

    • Assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on your influencer positioning for your brand 
    • An overview of the different types of influencers and the platform they utilised 
    • Understand how brands are using AI to improve the efficacy of influencer marketing 
    • Improve your social influencer strategy with lessons from KOLs from China and SEA 
    • Identify the opportunities and challenges for more “social” influencer marketing in the next decade

    Joe Escobedo, CEO, Esco Media

  • 10.30 Screen Break
  • 10.45 Social Influencer Marketing Strategy

    Reinventing Influencer Marketing: From the Aspirational to the Inspirational Social Influencer

    Learn how Totally Awesome engages influencers to fulfil client brand objectives while engaging young audiences and families safely and responsibly 

    Presentation: 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A  

    • Identifying the right type of influencers to value-add your social campaigns on different platforms 
    • Fit the bill: Selecting authentic and relevant influencers who share the same brand values to drive engagement 
    • Creating a genuine lasting win-win partnership with influencers beyond commercial arrangements 
    • Utilising a data-driven approach to optimise influencer marketing campaigns 
    • Gaining upper management buy-in on the use of influencers as part of a brand’s 360 engagement model 

    May Phyu Sin, Influencer Marketing Lead, Totally Awesome

  • 11.45 Screen Break
  • 12.00 B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy

    Scaling Your Social Advocacy Funnel Through Word-Of-Mouth

    Nowadays, word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to build trust and credibility with the general public. Whilst you may work with agencies to source brand ambassadors, this session will focus on the benefits of bringing this in-house. Focusing on government and B2C use cases, we’ll explore how to build an advocate funnel over time and why using technology over an agency is more effective in actively engaging with your community.

    Presentation: 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A

    • What are the barriers to B2B word-of-mouth and how to overcome them 
    • How to incorporate B2B word-of-mouth as part of your social media strategy 
    • How to choose the right B2B word-of-mouth ambassador to ensure relatability with key stakeholders while being professional 
    • Identifying the opportunities of creating own brand advocates and forming real emotional connections 
    • How to budget for B2B word-of-mouth without breaking the bank

    Mimrah MahmooodSenior Director/ PartnerMeltwater 

  • 13.00 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings 
  • 13.15 End of  Day 1 Seminar
  • Day 2: 23 July, 2021 (Friday)

    8.45 Log-In Time
  • 9.00 Chairperson’s Welcome & Ice Breaking Session 
  • 9.30 Social Influencer Marketing Strategy

    How Love Bonito Built a Robust Influencer Marketing Strategy that Empowers Asian Women

    Learn how Love Bonito built an engaging digital advocacy program to forge meaningful connections with the community and to further their brand purpose of empowering the everyday Asian women

    Presentation: 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A

    • Knowing your brand’s “why” before embarking on a relationship with an influencer 
    • The role that social influencers play in pushing for everyday relevance and participation 
    • How Love Bonito defines selected criteria for social influencers while mitigating possible ethical issues 
    • How Love Bonito uses influencers to forge more intimate and meaningful connections with the community 
    • Collaborating with social influencers, extending your value beyond commercial gains to drive real impact 
    • Setting success metrics to determine effectiveness of influencer strategy and next steps moving forward 

    Vanessa Yeo Barger, Vice-President of Brand, Love Bonito 

  • 10.30 Screen Break 
  • 11.00 Win-win Partnerships

    Creating Collaborative Experiential Partnerships: Influencer Marketing Relationship Management 101 

    Hear from experienced veterans on what it takes to create a collaborative influencer-brand partnership in this session and how collaborations have changed since the pandemic
    Panel discussion: 45 minutes panel discussion and 15 minutes of Q&A

    • Asking the right questions in the explorative phase of a possible influencer-brand partnership 
    • Understand the considerations from influencers when deciding on a possible collaboration 
    • A closer look at the influencer glassdoor, sure win and sure fail ways at building brand-influencer relationships 
    • Formulating a crisis management strategy in light of “cancel culture” in the event of an influencer fall-out 
    • Evaluating brand-influencer relationships to build a powerful engagement ecosystem with target audience  

    Fauzi Aziz, Marketing Lead, The Smart Local  (Moderator)
    Vanessa Yeo Barger, 
    Vice-President of BrandLove Bonito (Panellist)
    Hillary TamHead of MarketingPartipost (Panellist)
    Joy WangDirector (Consumer Growth and Digital), hoolah, (Panellist)

  • 12.00 Chairperson’s Insights & Analysis of the Day’s Proceedings 
  • 12.30 End of Seminar